About Us


Our Story

Construction company Sportjanne is a dynamically developing company with a ten-year history, founded in 2011.

We work with over 150 qualified and motivated staff, meeting the requirements of our customers for quality and accuracy of construction and installation work.

What we offer

Our main activity is focused in the field of

  • Construction and building of various types of warehouses for retail outlets , for pharmacy industry , eco-warehouses and other
  • High-altitude activities – installation of metal structures / racks /
  • Installation of glass facades and facade panels
  • Installation  by means of an assembly with elements without the need for welding of separate sections of metal structures, manufactured by the German company “Schneider”.
  • Use of ready-made concrete elements for installation – mezzanine stairs, bay windows, railings, etc.

We understand the requirements of our clients

We work precisely

We provide the best results

We provide our customers the best services in the industry

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